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Everything you need to know Amidst concerns that the iPhone 5 will feature a new, smaller dock connector that could make accessories designed for previous generations of the smartphone obsolete

5 Reasons the iPhone 5 Will Use a Smaller Dock Connector

The iPhone 5 won’t just sport a new look when it is released this fall, according to a variety of sources it will also have a smaller dock connector.

The new smaller iPhone 5 dock connector may be sized similar to a Micro USB port, but the latest rumors suggests that this new iPhone 5 dock connector will be anything but normal.

The new iPhone 5 dock connector uses 19-pinsinstead of 30-pins and looks smaller and thinner. This new dock connector will pave the way for control of our iPhones and advances in iPhone size, features and durability.

Robert Scoble shares details on the new Micro Dock connector for the iPhone 5, found in Jason D. O’Grady’s rant on Apple’s desire to control the iPhone accessory ecosystem. Scoble outlines five reasons Apple wants to move to a smaller, smarter iPhone 5 dock connector. The source of these reasons is an engineer, “working in the phone world.”

Smarter iPhone 5 Cables

The biggest reason Apple will love a new iPhone 5 dock connector is the possibility to include chips in each end of iPhone 5 cables which verify if a device is licensed. If a charger or iPhone accessory is not licensed from Apple, the cable could refuse to work.

smart iPhone cable iFixit

On one hand, the smarter cable could prevent hazards of using poorly built accessories, but on the other hand it could easily annoy and frustrate users looking for cheap cables and accessories.

Magnetic Connection

Perhaps the best news, especially for users who have trouble plugging the iPhone in at night is the possibility for a magnetic connection on the iPhone 5 dock connector.

iPhone 5 Magsafe

Apple has various patents on a MagSafe connection for the iPhone and iPad, and if done right it could eliminate the need to flip and try to plug cables in at night or while driving.


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